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SleepMultiMedia Support Page

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SleepMultiMedia users can use these pages to find answers to questions regarding SleepMultiMedia. Choose an item at left and click on it to take you to the support information.

If your question is not answered here, please call Sleep Multimedia Inc. at 914-722-9291 or fax your question to 914-722-4490.

Sleep Multimedia Inc.
P.O. Box 329-H
Scarsdale, New York, 10583

1. Support page
2. Users Guide
3. Slides from PowerPoint
4. SMM on a MAC
5. Win 8 Patch
6. Win 10 Installation
7. SMM v. 9.5 Patch
8. Version 10.0 (Missing ".exe")
9. Version 10.5 (Missing ".bat")
10. Version 10.5 (Missing ".exe")
11. Version 10.5 (Network)