SleepMultiMedia License Descriptions




Personal License:

  The individual is licensed as the sole user of SleepMultiMedia (the “SOFTWARE”), which may be installed on up to two computers for the licensee’s sole use. Must be purchased with personal funds and shipped to home address.


Institutional License: 

  The SOFTWARE is licensed for use at a single contiguous location and may be used by any number of clients at a single workstation. Licensee agrees to implement procedures to restrict access to the SOFTWARE only to authorized users, to prevent access by persons no longer affiliated with the Licensee, and to prevent remote access to the SOFTWARE.


The Network License: 

  The Network license allows concurrent use on a single network with a DESIGNATED number of network stations at a SINGLE INSTITUTIONAL SITE. The software cannot be accessed from, or transferred, in whole or in part, outside a single institutional site. Licensee may not use SleepMultiMedia on a public computer based information service.

  The network license does not allow placing on a network so that the software can be accessed from outside of the single institutional site. The software cannot be placed on the internet. SleepMultiMedia cannot be placed on a network where the public can access the software, either with or without the use of a password.

  The potential licensee should discuss the network use with Sleep Multimedia Inc. in advance of purchase to avoid any misuse of, and to ensure compliance with, the software license.



SleepMultiMedia is not permitted on Wide Area Networks (WANs) including Internet, Blackboard, or any server that allows external access. The SleepMultiMedia Network license is only allowed on one server located at one location that is mapped to the designated number of client machines as specified in the purchase license agreement. The client machines must be located in the same physical building as the Server. 


The holder of the SleepMultiMedia license, and those responsible for loading the SleepMultiMedia program, will be liable for a $250,000 fine for any breach of this license agreement.


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